zondag 22 februari 2009

Hoera, ik heb een cruise gewonnen !!

Vrijdagavond kreeg ik een bijzonder telefoontje.
"Are you interested in a free cruise in the Caribbean?"
"Yes, of course".
"Press 9".
"Hello, this is Kevin from the Florida Destinaton ...... You have won a free cruise and a holiday in Florida. Do you like that?"
"Yes, I do", but why are you calling mé?"
"You are selected by the computer".
"O.K., I am a littlebit suspicious. Which organisation are you from?"
"Well, my name is Kevin, and I am calling you directly from Orlando, and we can offer you a free cruise and a holiday for 80% discount in Florida. Isn't wonderful?".
"Yes, it is".
"I need some information of you.
What is your telephone number?"
"My telephone number is ..............".
"What is your date of birth?".
"I am born on ...........Is this some kind of joke?".
"No, I am very serious".
"I need some more information. Do you have a creditcard?".
"Yes I have".
"What is the expiration date?".
"The expiration date is .........".
"Can you give me the number of your card, beginning with 5?".
"Why should I give you my creditcard number?"
"Well, I ........
En toen heb ik maar opgehangen ! Jammer hè, nou gaat de cruise zeker niet door?

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